Wednesday, September 14, 2011

300 Subscriber Giveaway!! :)

Hey guys!! :)

If you didn't see the video for this giveaway watch it HERE


1. Must be a follower of this blog
2. Must tell me in a comment below your youtube username & video suggestion that I do!
3. Enter as many times as you want AS LONG AS SUGGESTIONS ARE DIFFERENT!

Good luck loves!!

Friday, May 27, 2011

May Favorites!!

Hello all my lovelies!! :)

It's so crazy that the month of May has already flown by!! Where has the time gone?!
Anyways, with a new month almost ended, it's time for my favorites video!!

I'm super excited because this is my very FIRST favorites video!! hehe :)

I was super duper hyper when I filmed haha sorry guys!
If you would like to view the video, click here ;)

So my first May favorite was:

 My Katy Perry Black OPI Shatter Polish!
I looove this polish!! Since it's black it goes with any polish!! It's so unique and I am in love with the crackle design that it makes!! :) A note to this polish, use a light/pastel/pale color for best results!!

 Essie nailpolish in Lilacism
I've been wearing this religiously on my toes for the month of May!! :) 
It complements any skin tone and overall is a gorgeous shade!!

 MAC Lipstick in Snob. It's a simple, yet classic pale/pastel pink. 
It brings a subtle blush to my lips!! I love this color!!

 Loreal Voluminous Mascara in black. This mascara was made for my kind of lashes! 
I have very fine lashes, and it's hard to find a mascara that won't 
clump up after the second week of usage!! :( 
But then, I found this beauty!! :) It's amazing and the wand has a "fluffier" 
bristle than my Rimmel London Glam Eyes mascara. 
Also, the formula in the particular mascara is more 'dry' 
which is perfect for fine lashes like mine!!

 MAC Eyeshadow in Vanilla. I LOVE THIS COLOR!! 
Especially for highlight under my brows!! I
t makes my brows look like I just got them done!! :) 
The perfect complementary highlight color too!

 MAC Eyeshadow in Dazzlelight. Another GREAT shade for blending out eyeshadows with!! :)

 Degree Aerosol Can deodorant in Shower Clean.
I've been using Degree for a while now, but the stick version, and every time it got down
to a certain amount, it would always break!! I don't know if I'm just a violent deodorant applier or what
but it would just always break!! I came across this at Walmart, and decided to give it a shot!!
I LOVE IT!! It goes on cold!! And white, but as it dries, it turns clear! 
You can notice a difference throughout the day and it also works much better than my stick deodorant!!
I'm never going back to stick again!!

 iVi Scents soap in Milk n Honey
Omg. This soap smells exactly like Snowcake!! :) I looove snowcake!
(Soap from Lush's Christmas Collection)
This is smooth and creamy in the shower, and turns 
a gorgeous color of amber/yellow when wet in the shower
and it also turns completely translucent too! :)
Lathers really well and leaves my body feeling moisturized after use!!

Hope you guys enjoyed my little entry! Look out for a blog giveaway coming soon!! ;)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Huge Lush Sale!!

Hey guys! :)

This sale is for Paypal Only!! 
Email me if you have any questions/inquiries @

Here are the products!!

Large Bath Bombs $3.00 Each!!:
-3 Satsumo Santas
-1 Spacegirl
-1 Boog
-1 Dragon's Egg SOLD OUT!!
-1 Sakura
-1 Fizzbangers <--ONLY ONE LEFT!! SOLD OUT!!
-1 Avo Bath <-- ONLY ONE LEFT!!
-1 Big Blue SOLD OUT!!
-1 Sexbomb SOLD OUT!!
-1 Think Pink <--RARE!! SOLD OUT!!
-1 Honey Bee SOLD OUT!!

Christmas Collection Bubble Bars $3.00 Each!
-1 Bearded Lady <--ONLE ONE LEFT!!! SOLD OUT!
-2 Christmas Eves SOLD OUT!!
-1 Candy Cane SOLD OUT!!
-1 Gingerbread House SOLD OUT!!

Half Bath Bombs $1.00!!!
-1 Half of Blackberry <-- ONLY ONE LEFT!!
-2 Halves of Big Blue SOLD OUT!!
-2 Angel/Devil Baby (2 for 1.00) SOLD OUT!!
-1 Supernova <---DISCONTINUED && RARE!! SOLD OUT!!
-1 Half of Avo Bath
-1 Honey Bee SOLD OUT!!

 Bubble Bars $4.00 Each!!
-1 Ma bar SOLD OUT!!
-1 Sunnyside!! <--SOLD OUT!!

 Big Bubble Bars/Bath Melts!!
-1 Comforter Bubble Bar $7.00 DUE TO HIGH DEMAND!! SOLD OUT!!
-1 Floating Island 
-1 Karma Bubble bar $7.00 DUE TO HIGH DEMAND!! SOLD OUT!!
-1 Melting Marshmellow Moments Bath Melt

Beauty/Makeup Products: 
-2 EOS Lipbalms SOLD OUT!!
-4 Elf Eye Shadow Palettes (2 for $1.00!!)
-1 Elf Hipershine Lipgloss .75 cents!
-1 Elf Waterproof Eyeliner Pen in Black .75 cents!!

 Soaps!! $3.00 Each!!
- Honey I Washed the Kids Soap! SOLD OUT!!
-1 I Should Coco Soap! <--Discontinued & RARE!! ONLY ONE LEFT!! SOLD OUT!!
-3 Love Birds Soap <--RARE!!
-Sexy Peel SOLD OUT!!
-1 Mandarins Tea Party
-Angels Delight Soap SOLD OUT!!
-1 Green So White Soap <---VERY RARE!!!

Small Bath Bombs $2.00 Each!!
-3 So Whites
-5 Lil Lush Puds
-2 Cinders
-1 butterball SOLD OUT!!
-1 Foot Scrub
-1 Ex-factor SOLD OUT!!

Rare/Random Items:
-1 Big 500 ml of Honey I Washed the Kids Shower Gel - Highest Bidder Wins!! SO RARE!!
-1 Medium Bottle of Snowfairy Shower Gel SOLD OUT!!
-1 Smitten Handcream Unopened Unused!! RARE!! $7.00
-1 Fever Massage Bar SOLD OUT!!
-1 Once a Year Massage Bar && Tin $5.00 SOLD OUT!!
-1 Gorilla Perfume Set SOLD OUT!!
-1 Japanese Aid Soap (Feels like Snowcake!!) $5.00
-1 Bonbon Lip Scrub  SOLD OUT!!
-1 Karma Shampoo && Tim $5.00 SOLD OUT!!
-1 Half (RED) of Matryoska (So white soap) $6.00

********BLOG SPECIAL!!! ONLY SOLD ON MY BLOG!!*********

 2 HUGE Chunks of Snowcake!! $8.00 each!!
1 HUGE Chunk of Lady Catrina SOLD OUT!!
1 Love Birds Individual Valentines Day Soap!! VERY RARE!! $5.00
1 Mini Strawberry Feels Forever $4.00!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Another iVi Scents Haul!!

Hey everyone!! :) 
Welcome to my new little bloggie blog!!

I've been pretty busy, so I'm going to make this blog post pretty short!
I went to iVi Scents and I ordered some more goodies!!

Here's the site:

I ordered:
1 bar of Milk n Honey soap
1 bar of Birthday Cake soap
1 bar of Sandcastle soap
1 tub of Ozone Body frosting! :) 
1 towel treat in Strawberry Cupcake

I LOVE THE MILK && HONEY SOAP!! It smells EXACTLY like SNOWCAKE!! :) I loooove snowcake and I LOVE that this soap smells exactly like it!!
It's nice & creamy in the shower! I love it!

If you want to see the video, click here

Here's some pictures of the products!!
 This is a picture of the LOVELY Milk n' Honey Soap Bar!! MMMMM :)

This is a picture of the Birthday Cake Soap Bar!! It's so sweet && pretty!!

 This is a picture of the Sandcastle Soap Bar!! Smells like a day at the beach!! :)

This is a picture of the Ozone Body Frosting!! It goes on non-greasy and is nice && thick && UBER moisturizing!!  :D my favvv!!

This is SO ADORABLE!! :) A towel treat!! In the shape of a strawberry cupcake!! :)

Hope you guys enjoy!! :) Have a great rest of the week!!

Beautifyyou1 :)