Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Another iVi Scents Haul!!

Hey everyone!! :) 
Welcome to my new little bloggie blog!!

I've been pretty busy, so I'm going to make this blog post pretty short!
I went to iVi Scents and I ordered some more goodies!!

Here's the site:

I ordered:
1 bar of Milk n Honey soap
1 bar of Birthday Cake soap
1 bar of Sandcastle soap
1 tub of Ozone Body frosting! :) 
1 towel treat in Strawberry Cupcake

I LOVE THE MILK && HONEY SOAP!! It smells EXACTLY like SNOWCAKE!! :) I loooove snowcake and I LOVE that this soap smells exactly like it!!
It's nice & creamy in the shower! I love it!

If you want to see the video, click here

Here's some pictures of the products!!
 This is a picture of the LOVELY Milk n' Honey Soap Bar!! MMMMM :)

This is a picture of the Birthday Cake Soap Bar!! It's so sweet && pretty!!

 This is a picture of the Sandcastle Soap Bar!! Smells like a day at the beach!! :)

This is a picture of the Ozone Body Frosting!! It goes on non-greasy and is nice && thick && UBER moisturizing!!  :D my favvv!!

This is SO ADORABLE!! :) A towel treat!! In the shape of a strawberry cupcake!! :)

Hope you guys enjoy!! :) Have a great rest of the week!!

Beautifyyou1 :)

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